Dear Parents, Guardians and Teachers,

The new school year is underway, and Aramark Education would like to welcome you back! We hope you enjoyed your summer and are ready to embark on an exciting 2019 - 2020 educational experience.

Within our everyday services, a couple of our most important initiatives are to educate your child about nutrition education and to teach them healthy eating habits! As your school's meal provider, we have developed the "CHEF ACE" nutrition education program. The program is designed to be fun for your elementary school children while encouraging them to eat healthy, stay active, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Each month, ACE and his friends will focus on the foundations for living a healthy life of their own. There will be monthly lessons, such as eating a balanced breakfast, making healthy drink choices, learning about MyPlate and more. These themes will be reinforced through a variety of fun, interactive, educational giveaways, including: folders, bookmarks, puzzles, games, and more.

As you know, a proper diet improves student physical and mental strength, fights illness and provides energy and nutrients to keep their bodies functioning properly. Healthy eating will help your students excel in the classroom and at home. ACE, our nutrition mascot, was created to reinforce and support these very points.

One thing that you can do to support this important cause is to encourage your students to eat breakfast every day. The demands of the classroom can be difficult for children who are hungry. Several studies indicate students who eat breakfast can concentrate better, earn higher grades and have fewer illnesses. We offer various breakfast programs - either in the cafeteria or in the classroom to ensure students can start the school day right!

We look forward to working for you to ensure all of our students are healthy and ready to learn every day. Our promise is to help students flourish!


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